Since 1961

Superhard Alloy Production

  • Produces superhard materials tailored to design standard
  • CIP (Cold Isostatic Pressing) Process in place fo high density
    and high scale bending superhard alloy
  • Domestic and outsourced superhard alloy production


Press Technology for Superhard Alloy Molding

  • Analysis of pressing condition for clutch gear mold.
  • Molding proudction and experiment on change of pressing
  • Analysis of pressing degree depending on pressing condition
    (material property, process condition)
  • Processing technology that secures residual stress
    and controls amount of pressing for cold forging of gear molding

Design for cold forging and optimization

  • CAE based analysis of cold forging porcess and molding
  • Forming flos, load, strain analysis based on forming
  • Correlation Analysis between molding variation and
    formability for gear cold forging
  • Complementary design for cold forging fix and molding
    structure of clutch gear
  • Draw improved method for molding process and structure

High Precision Cold Forging Molding Production

  • Produce Clutch gear molding and evaluate prototype on
    forging forming perfromance
  • Analyze prototype for formation, defect, and measure
  • Analyze residual stress and evalutate endurance
  • Apply improved precision process technology


Quality Control

Wonil Precision Machine Co. Ltd. has accumulated know-how is well
equipped with measurement tools. This enables us to produce unique products that
can fulfill clients’ needs as technical partner.