About Us

AV&G is WIRE EDM brand from Wonil Precision Machine Co. Ltd. The acronym stands for AVid and Genuine, representing our passion for producing quality machine. AV&G also reads as “Father” in Korean, representing our spirit as “responsibility of father”
Since 1961, our company started producing molding for toothpaste tube under the name Gyeongjil Engineering. In 1976, the company has re-established itself as Wonil Precision Machine and we are producing moldings for critical parts in various industry in domestic and overseas market to this date.
From decades of experience and know-how making molding, Wonil Precision Machine has succeeded in developing Wire EDM Machine, building reputation as reliable Wire EDM machine over the years from domestic and overseas market.
At Wonil Precision Machine, we believe contributing the world by helping to create more beautiful proudcts. For this reason, we are constatnly investing in R&D to achieve innovation that will shape the future with more beautiful products.